5 jewelry trends in 2023 that will make you shine with your own light

While in clothing fashions are very changeable, varying every year; Jewelry fashions tend to be more static, more timeless, allowing you to continue using your jeweler's essentials without going out of style, despite the redundancy.

However, certain changes in trends and styles are appreciated from time to time. And this year 2023 will be loaded with many novelties. Jewelry trends that will soon be visible on influencers and social networks, as well as in the collections of major brands.

Jewelry trends for women
The 2023 jewelry trends for women are very varied. You are sure to find your style among this wonderful creative miscellany! Nature, elegance, freedom or branding are just some of the most representative words in women's jewelry for this coming year. Keep reading and don't stop being surprised:
1.punk style
If we think of a casual and free style, the punk style surely comes to mind. And it is that this movement that emerged in the 70s is still resisting, in fact, it is going to become one of the jewelry trends by 2023.
2. Seashells
The sea is always a source of inspiration. And more in jewelry. Already in the Neolithic, a multitude of instruments were created with seashells, also necklaces, bracelets or earrings.
This year 2023, nature will be very present in jewelry. Shells, natural beads or shells are going to become a must in jewelry and accessories.
3. Crystal in jewelry
If you are looking for a piece of jewelery that enchants, that enchants as soon as you see it: this trend interests you. Crystal jewelry is going to be sensational in 2023 outfits; and both for day and night.
4. Flowers
A little joy to the look? Flower jewelry is what you need! And it is that with the arrival of spring -why not-, you can take the opportunity to bet on one of the jewelry trends for 2023: jewelry with flowers.
And it is that with this presence of the natural, which we mentioned before, the rings with flowers, pendants or floral earrings are going to be a success this year.
5. Body jewelry
Can you imagine turning a jewel into one more item of your outfit? Well, that's the idea with this type of jewelry. Transfer the jewels to your own clothes, that gold or silver is used to dress us, not only as a decorative element.
Therefore, this 2023 we will be able to see dresses, skirts, vests, jeans... that are going to shine in a super special way.

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