Capsule jewelery box: the key pieces that cannot be missing

We always talk about clothing as the key element of our image, choosing the basics that cannot be missing from our closet. In the same way, we should do with jewelry. A complement that defines us and whose importance lies not only in its design and value, but also has an emotional connection that is surely much more important.

For this reason, and although in the end each jeweler is different, we leave you below the basic jewels, which for us must be on this list. Jewels that will never go out of style, that can always be with you and that will always be worth having.

- A signet-type ring: the one of a lifetime that was worn on the little finger and that you will now mix with minimal rings on the same hand. A trend that you will fall in love with and that cannot be more cool.
- A necklace of links: small, medium or larger. It is one of the jewels that has always been present in fashion. We invite you not to wait any longer if you don't have it and get the one you like the most. We love it with a rather short basic t-shirt.
- An earcuff: this jewel is the 'new black'. And there is no smaller piece that is so flattering. Even the least daring have surrendered at his feet.
- A stone ring: a timeless piece that is a big yes. With one, two or several stones, as you prefer. To wear alone as the protagonist or to combine. And if it is of a special design, let it choose you because a ring that is out of the ordinary and that makes you get out of your comfort zone is going to be your best companion. Up to you.
- A minimal bracelet: so fine and so ideal that it will always go with your watch and you will never take it off. It goes with everything from your jeans to an evening dress.
- Some hoop earrings: they had to be on this list. And there is no more versatile earring than hoop earrings. Wide, large, small, with stones, curly, smooth, with texture... everyone, absolutely everyone favors. You just have to find the one that best suits you.
- A choker or choker: the trendy jewel that in one way or another is always present. If you already have one of these chokers, you are in luck. If you are still thinking about it, run because this season they are sweeping! Get ready for this new collection that we will have available soon because you are going to want it all!

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